Kuwayama Europe nv has made a name for itself in the area of diamond trade and client service. Its comprehensive commercial marketing and communication resources linked with its technical skills and ability to benefit from the best supply sources of rough and polished diamonds, have made the company a major partner in the diamond business.

The company is specialized in the manufacturing and trade of polished diamonds and has gained an international reputation for the consistency of its assortments, its service to customers and its price policy. Its customers are trading houses and major jewellery manufacturers all over the world.

The company supplies all kinds of diamonds either from own stock or as market conditions require from the diamonds markets in Antwerp, Mumbai, Tel Aviv or New York.

The company's structure being small and flexible, allows swift execution of orders, quick adjustments to the needs of the customers and allows scope for substantial expansion.

With the takeover of Flanders Brilliant and Happyeight Brilliant, Kuwayama Europe nv has positioned itself to actively shape the future of the diamond and jewellery business.

Being part of the Kuwayama Group of Companies, Kuwayama Europe nv can benefit from the expertise and financial power of the leading Japanese jewellery manufacturer. Kuwayama Corporation is the most important gold and platinum chain and jewellery manufacturer in Japan and deals in pearls, precious stones and diamonds.

For the customer the idea of quality is no longer limited to the product he is buying, but includes the company as a whole and the people behind it.

Flanders: Brilliant star region in Europe

Flanders is the north-west region of Belgium. The Kingdom of Belgium is a federal state divided in two regional states Flanders and Wallonia, with Brussels as capital. About 60% of the Belgium population lives in Flanders and it is the economical and industrial center of Belgium.
Antwerp is the largest city in Flanders and is the world center of diamonds. 80% of all rough diamonds are traded in Antwerp and more than 50% of all polished diamonds.

Before the foundation of Belgium, Flanders has been ruled by many kings, emperors and sovereigns from Europe.

During the Middle Ages, it was a fief of the French kings. Its cities Bruges and Ghent were European trade centers. The beauty of Bruges earned it the name of "Venice of the North".

In the 15th and 16th centuries, Flanders became part of the 17 Provinces, one of the most prosperous countries of the Spanish Empire. It was the time of the famous painters Rubens and Van Dijck, the ascent of Brussels and Antwerp.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, Flanders was annexed to the Austrian and later to the French Empire. After a short reunion with the Netherlands, Flanders was integrated in the newly founded Kingdom of Belgium in 1830.

In fact, its turbulent history is indicative of the strategic importance of the Flemish area in Europe.